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1 city: 4 differents points of view.

GIRANDOMI is an unconventional guide to the best venues, places and locations Milan has to offer.
A web designer, a stylist, a fashion designer and a photographer.
Four creative minds, each with a different point of view, united in the same mission: exploring the city in depth to discover and share the best restaurants, the most interesting shops, the most unforgettable drinks, the most curious stories, and much much more.

Milan is a cosmopolitan city painted with thousands of different colors, a place full of surprises just waiting to be found. You have to discover and explore the city step by step. To truly enjoy and feel the city’s spirit, you need to walk, listen, ask questions, look around, be curious, and live the city life step by step. We’ve started doing this long ago, and we still continue doing it, because this is our city, and we enjoy living and discovering every shade of color it has to offer.

We’ve decided to share our experiences to allow anybody and everybody, weather citizen or tourist, to enjoy a new, personal, creative and truthful point of view of the city.

The name “GIRANDOMI” indicates not only the simple action of walking around Milan - in fact, this translation is a mere coincidence - but it wants to stand as an opposition to the sense of hectic city life that overcomes everybody in Milan, with or without their consent.
If just for one moment, you will chose to stop running to catch the subway or take your eyes away from your cell phone screen while you’re walking around, and allow yourself the luxury of lifting up your eyes and looking up, Milan will surprise you because - as the old Milanese saying goes - Milan really is “a great big Milan”! (or, in milanese dialect: Milan l'è un gran Milan!)

So by beginning this journey with us, you will be able to:
- chose to follow one of us based on your personal tastes and affinities with our characters
- find a specific venue by following our map
- scroll through our list and pick a destination based on your personal preferences

So come along and enjoy the ride with us!