Carlotta Borgogna


I was born and raised in the countryside, and I believe that this is the reason why I feel attached to handmade things, healthy food, and the simple joys of life.
I’ve always passionately loved Milan, which was always seen as “the Big city” from where I come from: the place where you could make it, where you could enjoy life, meet a lot of new people and find the job of your dreams.
This was the city is where my best friend has always lived, it’s where I’ve studied, it’s where I’ve had some of the most important meetings of my life.
I decided to move to Milan for love, though, and I found my own road only a while after moving here.
After graduating as an Architect, I decided to leave that title behind me and shift my attention and dedication to studying fashion in all of its forms, transferring my taste for simplicity (however carefully chosen it might be) in all of my creations.
I am a stylist and a set designer, with a passion for vintage objects and design and old traditional good taste. I’m free spirited, a lover of bio food, and I have a rather precise and categorical personality. However, there are a lot of different shades that softly mix themselves inside my head, and they are all rose-colored.