Fabio Arcellazzi

web designer

As it happens, I am the only true Milanese in this group, born and bred in the city. I love Milan unconditionally, so much so that I easily miss it whenever I travel or whenever I spend long periods of time away from home.
I’ve been passionate about computer science since the Amiga era, and since the first IBM 486 DX2, and I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to transform this interest into my job. Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to creating and organizing my clients’ online presence.
When my girlfriend Ersilia proposed that I take part in the creation of GIRANDOMI, I accepted immediately. Bringing together our two different lifestyles, points of views and passions to work together on our very own project has been, from the start, a challenge that I have not been able to resist.
The successive collaboration with Marco and Carlotta represents the natural evolution of this idea, and the completion of the team necessary to build and create this project just as we imagined it.
Walking around Milan, you may easily find me having a hamburger, visiting an Apple store, cheering for a soccer game played by the Milan team, or enjoying a beer with my friends.