Marco Bertani


I come from a small provincial piedmontese town, that I left as soon as I turned 18, as I tried to find a place where I could give as much space and liberty as possible to my insatiable curiosity.
My love for traveling and my desire to see things and explore everything that surrounds me has always been a part of my personality.
The first camera I had was the one I stole from my father when I was 12, and I started photographing anything that would strike my interest.
I studied Cinema because I’ve always been attracted to the visual arts, and that is exactly where my job was born.
I moved to Milan more than 10 years ago, and from the start I made sure to discover the city as much as possible and in every possible way. Today, when I look around, I see many changes that have occurred during the passing of these 10 years, and I realize that Milan is transforming into a truly interesting cosmopolitan metropolis.
I love sushi, design, architecture, fashion, and art in general. And, most of all, I love my wife.