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I sometimes ask myself why we decided to start a project and a cultural adventure like Girandomi - and the existence of a shop like Jannelli&Volpi is one of my answers.
I am thoroughly convinced that there is a subtle creative and cultural energy that flows through Milan, amongst the people, imperceptible most of the time and very difficult to discover. This energy is capable of unexpectedly turning you from spectator to actor of an an actual show that nourishes you with new creative lymph.
Paola Janelli, owner and manager of J&V marketing, is an example of a person enlightened with this positive energy, capable of passing it on to others. We met for our interview and we ended the meeting feeling enriched with new ideas, curiosity and initiative energy.
The core of this business resides in the production and commerce of wallpaper. 98% of the shop’s products are exported, while inside the store you may find more than 10.000 references that make J&V an indisputable excellence in its business area, internationally.
Paola confided that selling wallpaper is a bit like going through a psychology session. It’s no small question to be able to understand the taste, the preferences and the ideas that will satisfy each customer - who is, by the way, usually also accompanied by his or her better half, or else by brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins, parents and the likes!
The store is set up amongst three different floors, and decorated with selected table accessories, men and women apparel, decoration objects inspired by international design, and carefully researched by Paola and Francesca. Marimekko, Iittala, ArchiMade, Chilewich and Alpi are the famous brands that have obtained a permanent display inside the shop since 2007, with the addition of a couple of new brands such as Elite to Be with its wine librari, InternoItaliano created by Giulio Iacchetti, and Miniforms with its decor objects. Here, nothing is left to chance. The proof lies in the fact that it is practically impossible to enter J&VStore and leave empty handed!


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