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via G. Broggi, 17 - Milano

Have you entered a place and had the feeling of falling into a fairytale?
Maybe it’s the smooth jazz notes that welcome your entrance, maybe it’s that magic perfume only flowers can give, maybe it’s the candlelit atmosphere…Or maybe it’s thanks to her, Rosalba.
Rusty colored hair and red lipstick, a long and soft wool pullover, tights and sneakers, a wonderful apron created with a Morris fabric from the 60s: this flower lover reminds us of a modern Alice in Wonderland, who found herself occupied with this job almost by chance many years ago, and has gradually succeeded in transforming it into a sweet, elegant and essential passion and hobby.
She arrived in Milan a few years ago, and she’s been able to create her own little flowery corner of goodness: in her eyes, you can see the reflection of simplicity that only those who truly have a big heart can reflect.
A lover of challenges, Rosalba has taken part in various courses for flower caring and such, but she also underlines the fact that any important decision she’s made for her plants and flowers has always been dictated by instinct: you’ll see her big personality spring from every single piece, from african tubers to kokodermas, which by Japanese art and culture fluctuate airly and give off an air of mystery and wonder.
Apart from designing the majority of her vases, Rosalba also inserts particular and curious kinds of textures and fabrics in her compositions, creating even more innovative floral artistic pieces.
Like all of us, she had a dream when she was a little girl: when she was 6, she told her mother she wanted to be a singer. She hasn’t given up on her dream, as you can tell by her sold out shows at the Blue Note!
Yet despite her musical success, Rosalba remains a simple and genuine person, just like wildflowers, her favorite kind.
Her “home serenades” were born from the combination of these two passions: do you want to surprise your significant other with a unique surprise? Rosalba will personally deliver your flowers, and then entertain your partner with a moment of breathless emotion while she serenades them accompanied by her amazing voice and a band of excellent musicians, who will make you live a true fairytale moment!


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