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The Yard

Piazza XXIV Maggio, 8 - Milano

When a person has a very refined taste and strong passions such as sport, vintage, collecting objects, this all usually transforms - who knows why - in a concrete and almost unexpected project.
Entering through a gate in an area of Milan that is very fancy and well-kept but where such an architecture is unusual to find, suddenly you realize that this horseshoe shaped building with an internal courtyard is in fact one of the most beautiful and interesting hotels of the city.
It’s reductive, however, to define The Yard simply as a hotel.
In fact, its project was created by Alessandro Cesario with the idea of sharing his theatrical yet genuine taste, which he presents to his clients through decor elements and details that bear an absolutely personal taste,that reflects his ideas and needs… which he himself defines egoistic, since they’ve been created and sewn perfectly onto his personality.
The Yard’s development has been gradual: starting off with a small space, it now can boast 30 rooms, identified not by a number but by the objects indie them: all of them are tied by a sports theme, one of Alessandro’s passions, which is also expressed in the lobby where a careful and attentive staff will attend to your needs with lordly informality. Chances are you will also bump into a group of stylish guests busy playing a game of Backgammon (yes, The Yard also counts a Backgammon club!).
The sports theme is contrasted by a bar that makes The Yard another important meeting point in the city: the Doping Club, where Massimo Stronati, one of the nation’s best barmen, and Stefano Agostino, second barman, will delight your taste buds with specially made herbal and eclectic cocktails.
The Doping Club was born simply as an addition to the hotel, decorated with a mixture of innovation and prohibition, and has gradually acquired such relevance from its clients, that another twin bar will open by the start of summer in Varsavia.
Another classy note is represented by the jazz and swing soirees regularly held each friday and saturday night, to enhance Milan’s classic charm that has been renewed over these last few years.


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