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Carlo e Camilla in Segheria

via G. Meda, 24 - Milano

It’s nearly impossible to summarize everything that stands behind this project, but we’ll try.
“Carlo & Camilla” is an encounter between two different creativities, of equal excellence: a match between cooking and planning, between an entrepreneur vision and an artistic one. Him: Carlo Cracco, the famous chef. Nothing else to add.
Her: Tanja Solci. A name that might not be as easily famous, but who holds a past made by incredible experiences, with art installations at Fuori Salone, and with the creation of Steve McCurry’s most famous exhibit in the world.
Tanja is a lover of “raw” situations that hide within themselves a thread of comprehension, she is hungry with a desire of changing the mentality of those people who judge things at the surface, and she gives great importance to contents: a story to tell, the right lighting (the Sawmill’s illumination is wonderfully studied) , the conviviality (represented by a single long table where strangers sit besides one another each night to dine, and naturally end up chatting and getting to know one another) , and general well-being of their customers.
Porcelains, design chairs and chandeliers make this location’s ambience magical, and so different from any other you can find in town.
Tanja’s generous and creative soul is everywhere you look, inside and outside the Sawmill, where a surreal courtyard presents different “islands”, all filled with charm: from the cinema armchairs, to the iron table circled by red seats, to the old pastel colored furniture. Tanja is theatrical, and her theatricality is well combined with a famous chef’s cuisine, which becomes accessible (almost) to everyone in this location.  
Each night, Nicola Fanti is ready to welcome you to the venue. (He is Carlo’s brother-in-law, and the link between the Sawmill’s two names, Carlo and Camilla) Filippo Sisti, an internationally famous bar tender, is responsible for the restaurant’s cocktails, carefully prepared behind the bar counter decorated with spice jars and liqueurs. It fascinates me so much to think that, before becoming a restaurant, this place was once a factory, a sawmill owned by Tanja’s family.
Its history has a very big impact on the venue’s atmosphere, a place where memories have been tied together with the present, and simplicity has been tied to a veil of aristocratic air.
Decidedly elegant and feminine.


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Monday - Sunday: 18.00 - 02.00

+39 02 8373963