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My Place

via Panizza, 4 - Milano

“Come visit me, I’ll cut your hair!” There: this is exactly Tommy’s philosophy. After years of experience as a hairdresser in one of Milan’s most famous salons, he decided to literally “open the doors” of his home to a public ready to experience a new genre of hairstyling. Here, you don’t visit a conformed hairdresser, you literally enter the personal space of your hair stylist.
Tommy’s young ‘family’ welcomes guests in the living room, where they offer coffee, tea, and biscuits in a familiar warm and friendly atmosphere, before bringing guests to the Therapy Room where they are left to be pampered in an ambience perfumed with natural fragrances.
My Place is set in the bourgeois decor of Corso Vercelli, on the ground floor of a fancy palace: a setting that, joined with the fact that the shop isn’t advertised by any windows, makes this venue even more unique and original.
Once you enter, you’ll find a wonderful pavement and a decor that has been perfectly studied to bring you back in time where the privilege of beauty salons was reserved to very few lucky clients, while still remaining very contemporary in style.
The staff isn’t numerous, another fact that underlines the shop’s intimate mood, and the will to communicate skill not only from a professional point of view (through technique and the choice of products used) but also from an emotional point of view, an aspect which these days is often overlooked.
Tommy opened My Place nearly 2 years ago, when he decided to start his own story after abandoning everything he had, to create something from the heart: a space dedicated not only to beauty, but a place also able to become a sort of laboratory, of artistic circle (in memory of the city’s history), where ideas, creativity and thoughts could be exchanged through stimulating and exciting new encounters.
The press has selected this venue as one of the 10 top beauty talents in the world, and My Place keeps growing and growing with its reputation.
Even so, Tommy remains grounded and keeps himself busy: every Thursday night, he organizes a happy hour “at home”, while he spends his free time driving around in his motorcycle, looking for new ideas.
Since I met him, I can say I’m - almost- perfectly groomed.


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Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 9.30 - 19.30
Thursday: 12.30 - 21.30
Saturday: 9.30 - 18.30

+39 02 36753350 / +39 02 36753351