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Via Camperio 6

Each time I found myself in the center of Milan, looking for a place where I could eat lunch, the question was always the same: WHERE CAN I GO? I’d grown tired of the usual panini on-the-go and the crowded supermarkets filled with people and infinite cues; until one morning while I was riding to work on my bike I noticed from the corner of my eye a new sign, two simple words that immediately struck my heart: riso e latte, rice and milk. A few days later, I visited this venue, and it was love at first sight! Ettore, Monica and Maurizia all come from different backgrounds, but they channeled all their energies into a common new adventure, creating a small masterpiece, and by small I mean precious, delicate, and cured in every detail. The main idea was clear to all three of them: recreate a home-like environment, in terms of style and genuine food. The design is entirely original 60s style, created with love and attention because, as Ettore says, “every object has a soul, a story to tell.”  The restaurant is divided into three levels that separate the venue like an actual home, a concept underlined by many details such as the colored shelves filled with tins and jars, the perfume of freshly baked cakes, the homemade pasta with seasonal vegetables, the fresh fruit set on the formica tables, the gnocchi made on Thursdays, the colorful cushions, the romantic abat-jours, the hanged clothes (yes, you read correctly!), the candles, the moka coffee, the owners’s likable character and most of all, the priceless atmosphere!  Giò and Elvis, the cook and chef of this venue, will delight you with their traditional and genuine Italian dishes, while Ettore and the other host ladies will illustrate their menu to you, proposing new and seasonal foods every time.  This is the perfect restaurant where you can shut yourself out of the daily hectic city life, to reward yourself with a break and relax, to chat with your friends or enjoy a romantic dinner.  For the workaholics who just can’t stop even during their lunch break, the venue offers free wi-fi, but my personal suggestion is to just relax and enjoy a delicious plate of pasta and your company!


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Lunch from 12 to 3 pm
Dinner from 8 to 10:30 pm

+39 02 39831040